‘The Nun’ Reflects a Dark Reality We Live In

James Wan’s Conjuring films have been revered for their ability to balance in-depth storytelling with the right amount of scares. The franchise’s universe is continuing to grow, but with the release of The Nun, it’s a wonder if the new installments will be able to live up to the true stories of Ed and Lorraine Warren. With James Wan’s writing credit, it’s surprising that The Nun turns out to be just another generic horror flick. It had the potential to be something more, but the film lacked the authentic storytelling that makes The Conjuring series so good. Instead, it’s just another film of the genre that tries too hard, does too much to make the audience jump, and follows the typical tropes of white people deciding it’s a good idea to split up and go towards the mysterious voice calling them in the dark.

Taissa Farmiga in ‘The Nun’ © Warner Bros. Pictures

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