Wonder Wheel: The Double Standard of Hollywood


Here we go again.

I’ve always felt guilty for enjoying Woody Allen’s films, especially his new ones. I’m usually very interested in what he puts together, but this film in particular really caught my interest. I was mostly interested because this was Woody’s first movie to fully take place in New York in a while. Second, the trailer looked gorgeous. This is Woody’s second film shot on digital after Cafe Society, and it looks beautiful. Also, just like every new Woody Allen movie, the cast is amazing. I was really excited to see this for a while, but then the negative reviews started coming in.

That immediately drained my excitement for this movie, and for a while, I was considering just not seeing it. I mean not seeing a movie by an alleged pedophile wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve ever done. But, as fate had it, I was stuck in Santa Monica, I didn’t want to drive home because traffic was bad, and I needed a way to kill two hours. So, I rushed down to the Laemmle Monica Film Center, pulled out my MoviePass (I wasn’t gonna spend real money on this crap), and got one ticket for Wonder Wheel. Coincidentally, this was the same theater I saw the film Brawl in Cell Block 99, which was a sleazy 1970s throwback that felt dirty to be watching in a theater. Watching Wonder Wheel made me feel just as dirty, although for completely different reasons.

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