Christmas Movies Usually Aren’t That Great, But We Like These Ones: A List by the Much Ado Team

This post is a collaborative effort between myself, Iana, Dilara, Ryan and Jaime. Huge thanks to everyone for putting the work in at such short notice!

The “Christmas film” is a bit of an oddity; the most popular examples are often poorly reviewed, overly sentimental cheese-fests and yet, we love them all the same. Everyone who celebrates Christmas has their own favourite festive films, and if you’re anything like us here at Much Ado About Cinema, these particular movies will be especially close to your heart. Rather than try and rank this unique genre – if it can even be called that – we’ve decided to simply share those that are special to us personally, in the hopes that others may also find joy in them. Some are masterpieces, some are not-so-masterpieces, but one thing is for sure – come Christmas Day, we’ll be cuddled up with these movies.

Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers (2003). © Satoshi Kon, Mad House and Tokyo Godfathers Committee. All Rights Reserved.
 Legendary anime director Satoshi Kon is well known for his weirder films that Darren Aranofsky and Christopher Nolan have downright copied, but his most conventional film, ‘Tokyo Godfathers’ serves as a wonderful Christmas tale about the virtues of simple human compassion. The story sounds like it ends with a punchline: a middle-aged alcoholic, a drag queen, and a teenage runaway – all homeless – find an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve while rummaging through garbage for food. With only some baby supplies and a key to the mother’s storage locker, the group traverses across Tokyo in search of the baby’s parents.

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