Dads of 2018: Ranked

A few weeks ago, this tweet by Alexandra Svokos (@asvokos) was posted on Twitter:

Basically, it awoke a burning need inside me. I love film dads. You hopefully love film dads as well. So, why not use my position as a writer on a well-respected film site to rank film dads and distract myself from the existential despair around me? For the sake of brevity (and so I’m not just regurgitating the beautiful tweet above), I chose to focus on 2018 film dads in a specific and simple list, ranked on a lot of different factors. I limited it down to one dad per movie, from movies I have seen and at least superficially enjoyed. There also may be spoilers for any film included on the list, so beware!

Well, girls, gays, and all other dad loving individuals – let’s get to it!

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How the Perfect Song Lifts a Film’s Spirit

This piece is by our guest writer Cat Sullivan.

In 1996, the musical comedy-drama That Thing You Do! debuted at No. 3, in no small part due to director and screenwriter Tom Hanks at the helm. Its success was unsurprising, chronicling the fun and freewheeling story of one-hit wonder pop band The Wonders, whose name and musical style was loosely inspired on the Beatles. And if you’re going to make a movie about a one-hit wonder, you’d better make sure the song is a genuine hit.

According to IMDb, the song “That Thing You Do” is heard eleven times in the movie, including full versions, alternative versions, live versions, and snippets. Will audiences get sick of it? Maybe. But will it be stuck in their heads for days after they leave the theater? Well, that’s the goal. To truly buy the band’s ultimate success – and root for them along the way – the music, and more specifically the titular song, must be good. It’s as simple as that.

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‘Hearts Beat Loud’ is the Saccharine, Sapphic Smash of the Summer

In a world inundated with films about angsty artists rebelling against their more traditional parents, Hearts Beat Loud is the breath of fresh air that we didn’t even know we needed. Yes, it’s another entry into the, “‘You’re giving up on your dream.’ ‘No, Dad. I’m giving up on yours,’” film canon, but with a welcome twist: 18-year-old Sam (Kiersey Clemons) wants to attend UCLA for medical school and her father, record shop owner Frank, wants her to stay in New York and start a band with him. Frank (Nick Offerman) is the quintessential goofy dad, pulling his daughter away from studying so they can “jam sesh.” He plays an old guitar, and she plays a keyboard hooked up to a Macbook; he represents old school rock, and she represents contemporary pop. Together, they make an unlikely songwriting duo called “We Are Not A Band.”

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Edinburgh International Film Festival Preview

EIFF may not be the biggest event on everyone’s calendars but it’s the world’s longest continually-running film festival. For the next 2 weeks, Scotland’s capital will play host to British world premieres, festival circuit favourites, and plenty of smaller films looking to find distribution. Two of our writers, Iana and Hannah, are attending this year and highlight a few of the films they are excited to see from this year’s eclectic programme.

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