Fragments Film Festival ’19: ‘Normal’ is a Kaleidoscope of Cultural Observations

In Normal’s brief but valuable cinematic experience, Adele Tulli paints a tapestry of Italian society, investigating the gendered constructs of everyday life from birth, through to childhood, through to adulthood and marriage. The breadth of settings capture scenes of conscious indoctrination, in seminars concerning the correct behaviour of men and women, and the subconscious influencing of individuals through the assignment of hobbies and interests, the over-sexualisation of women, and the suppression of female independence.

Tulli avoids over-stating her point: Normal rests entirely on the power of its images, and the truth of the environments depicted on screen. Many scenarios ring scarily true, with the normalcy of each subject forming a striking declaration in itself; these are not extraordinarily misogynist circumstances which Tulli has sought out, rather, the collection of such institutionalised trends when arranged together under the heading of ‘Normal’ naturally invites the consideration of absurdity. 


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