Fantasia Festival 2019 Boasts a Line-up of Female Voices

Every year, Fantasia International Film Festival showcases some of the best and most unique genre films out there. Horror, thrillers, sci-fi, Fantasia has it all, and this year is no different. In anticipation of the festival, which lasts from July 11 to August 1 in Montreal, we’ve rounded up some of the films directed by women that will be shown throughout Fantasia. 

Brazilian director’s Gabriela Amaral Almeida second film, My Father’s Shadow, will have its North American premiere at Fantasia 2019. The film follows Dalva, a young girl who is trying to summon her mother’s spirit to help quell her father’s depression. She’s inspired by George A. Romero and given a little encouragement by her aunt. Almeida mixes traditional horror with contemporary Brazilian issues to create a poignant story that reflects the horrific nature of our contemporary moment. 

Perhaps one of my anticipated films of Fantasia is The Deeper You Dig, a film directed by John Adams, Toby Poser, and their daughter Zelda Adams. It is a DIY supernatural film that was directed, written, and scored by this family unit. They are also the film’s stars. It revolves around a daughter, a mother, and a stranger after a roadside accident. I’m excited to see the work of these three people and what art they created with their limited resources.

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