Bumblebee and the ’80s Obsession

The fashion! The hair! The cars! The music! Ah, the 1980s. Many others, myself included, have a tinge of nostalgia linked to that era even though I was born over a decade after. But somehow a fondness has developed. Or perhaps, an obsession? Particularly in the film and television industry, a slew of productions has been hitting our screens all inspired or based in the 1980s. From original stories like Stranger Things and Ready Player One, or reboots like Mad Max: Fury Road and Blade Runner 2049, these remakes, rehashes, and re-dos have a keen finger for tickling the nostalgia gland and squeezing out that potential viewership to increase the revenue gross. And the latest ‘victim’ of the ’80s deluge is the Transformers franchise, which is in dire need of a nostalgia remedy.

Bumblebee, as the title suggests, is a solo picture revolving around everyone’s favourite yellow and black transforming Camaro but, and in true ’80s fashion I implore, has had a makeover into an adorable yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Also starring Hailee Steinfeld, whilst isn’t an ’80s icon, recently portrayed a troubled teen in The Edge of Seventeen which is eerily reminiscent of coming-of-age classics of John Hughes. As stated before, the Transformers franchise is desperately due for rejuvenation as the financial and critical performances have decreased as they continue to release films.

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