CCFF ‘18 Review: ‘Leave No Trace’

This piece is by guest writer Max Wink

If 2016’s Captain Fantastic and 2010’s Winter’s Bone were to have a movie child, the result would be Debra Granik’s latest feature, Leave No Trace. Much like Captain Fantastic, this film is about a family that has isolated itself from society, but while Captain Fantastic explores the quirkily entertaining parts of this unconventional lifestyle, Leave No Trace infuses the premise with the serious realism of Winter’s Bone (which was also directed by Granik). The result of this combination is an emotional journey that surpasses the greatness of both of its “parents.”

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SXSW Film Festival ’18: Elle Fanning and Ben Foster shine in ‘Galveston’, despite some minor flaws

This review is by our guest writer, Christina Huang. 

Being from Texas myself, ‘Galveston’ is a film that I have been anticipating for awhile now. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. Mélanie Laurent brings the small beach town that I have known for years to life in a beautiful way. Elle Fanning and Ben Foster are quite the duo, and the score is simply marvelous. Even though I was relatively satisfied with the quality of this film, I must say that the first twenty minutes or so were somewhat weak in terms of storytelling. Despite this, ‘Galveston’ is a solid crime thriller that is not to be missed.

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