#WomanWithAMovieCamera: Let’s Talk About Thirst

During her talk at this year’s Woman With a Movie Camera summit, Christine Newland argued that cinema, desire, and sex are deeply interlinked. For instance, while male critics are able to talk openly about desire with regards to female characters and stars, the more “recent” phenomenon of female critics openly expressing desire for their favourite celebrities’ acting abilities has drawn criticism from certain groups in the film industry.

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Review: ‘Beanpole’ digs deep into the trauma of war

In the ruins of Leningrad in 1945, death has become a painful normality as its citizens adjust to life in the shadows of the tragedies of war. Iya (Viktoria Miroshnichenko) is dealing with dissociation due to PTSD, an after effect of the time she has spent on the frontline. Despite her PTSD, she works in a military hospital to support Pashka (Timofey Glazkov), a young boy she cares for. When Pashka dies during one of these fits, and his mother Masha (Vasilisa Perelygina) returns from the military, an uneasy friendship of convenience turns into a battle for control and power.

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