‘Orphan Black’: The Unconventional Show About Identity

Five seasons, 274 LEDA clones, and too few Alison-Donnie dance breaks, the beloved science fictions series, Orphan Black, united these intriguing elements with one over-arching theme–defining your identity. At the beginning of the series, this theme presents itself through Sarah Manning discovering she is a clone with many clone sisters, but as the mystery behind their genetic origin unveils, the “sestras” are faced with a deep, internal question–who am I?


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Oscar Nominees Ranked

What a strange award season you are, we whisper in our best Cate Blanchett impression. It indeed is. But this year strangeness comes from not the unpredictability of the season, but the exact opposite. If you asked us months ago, we’d say that the upcoming award season was going to be full of fun with so many films that differ from each other. But alas, we spent the whole season watching same people win and listen to same speeches so much that the only way to differentiate them is through the winners’ clothes. Almost every main category at Academy Awards look locked at this point, so as the Much Ado team, we left predictions aside and ranked the nominees in main eight categories!


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