VIDEO: 2019 Oscar Nominees

It’s all been building up to this! Sure, this season might be bleak, but that doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating our love for film and filmmaking! We’re hoping that at the very least, our second annual Oscar nominees video gives you some joy in spite of the incoming doom. Like Lady Gaga’s rendition of “La Vie En Rose” from A Star Is Born, we hope your night is glamorous and star-studded.

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Golden Globes Predictions

Here it is, the season we all hate to love and love to hate, the Awards Season! Predictions, staying up to watch awards, fighting our favourites until the Oscars when our exhaustion reaches its peak and we all go “I never want to live through another season again!” until the festivals hit and Here We Go Again! Critics circles already started naming their winners but the fun officially starts tonight with Golden Globes. Here at Much Ado we love our predictions so please enjoy reading the winners our hearts desire, and those we think will snatch the award!

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The Beautifully Imperfect ‘A Star is Born’ Soars Towards New Emotional Heights

Some films don’t need an elaborate script, or stylish editing, or flawless pacing to be deeply impactful. Some films incorporate such a heavy amount of passion that the cage of perfectionism falls away to allow an audience to simply feel their way through the story, forgiving a few technical flaws due to sheer emotional impression. Some films present themselves as they are, with all their rough edges, building towards a breathtaking payoff that will provoke tears in the eyes of even the most detached viewer.

These are my favourite kind of movies, and A Star is Born is one of them. 

That is not to say that Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut is poorly-made. After a rocky start that features a bit too much story exposition, the film settles into its stride. From direction, to lighting, to editing, all elements fulfill the roles they need to play perfectly to bring together a well-worn story for a fresh audience. The true pull of A Star is Born, however, is the dynamic chemistry of its two stars, and the freedom they are given to shine as two irresistibly likable performers.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born (2018) © Warner Bros Entertainment

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