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We are currently not accepting any pitches.

If you wish to contribute to Much Ado About Cinema, please send us a piece you’ve already written or a pitch for a new piece you would like to publish with us to along with your basic info. Your piece can be a review, an essay or an article that is at least 500 words. We’ll then contact you within 3-5 business days. Thank you!


Much Ado Pitch Guide:

  1. Introduce yourself! You do not have to share any personal information that you’re uncomfortable with, but please tell us your name, age, preferred pronouns, and country/area you’re writing from. What writing experience do you have? Are you a student or a professional?
  2. Tell us your pitch. In a few sentences, please explain what it is you want to write and what your angle is. This should not be as simple as a single subject, e.g. “I want to write about Lady Bird.” Be as specific as you can in terms of scope, length, and themes/ideas explored and we’ll be more likely to vibe with your pitch. Your final article/essay can be anywhere from 500 to about 5000 words.
  3. Please be familiar with the writing that Much Ado publishes. We aren’t very narrow in the type of work we like to publish, but we do have a general brand. If you propose an essay or review about something totally outside our wheelhouse, we likely won’t publish it. We also won’t publish something that is almost identical to something we’ve already done (e.g. don’t ask to review a movie we already reviewed at a festival). Search through our site if you’re not sure whether your pitch is new. If you think you have a new take on something we’ve already covered extensively, let us know!
  4. Show us some writing you’ve already done. This can be work published elsewhere online, or personal writing samples you have. They can be academic, professional, or purely creative in nature, whatever you think shows us you can write well and know and film and TV! Include as a link or attachment.
  5. Understand that, at the moment, Much Ado is not capable of paying writers for their work. We do not turn a profit. We currently have a Patreon and Redbubble shop, and all money raised from those locations goes towards site maintenance, helping our regular writers get to festivals, and charity. We’re under a year old and mostly run by students and young, working class professionals. We’d like to monetize the site eventually, at which point we’d find a way to pay editors and writers!
  6. Email all of this to We’ll then contact you within 3-5 business days. Thank you!