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Happy hot girl summer everyone! After spending a rocky awards season (remember that only a few months ago?) and a even rockier school/work season, we’re finally back on our feet to create some new and wonderful content for our Patreon. As you may know, Much Ado About Cinema is volunteer run and no one at our team from Editor-in-Chief to Staff Writer earns any money. We rely heavily on the money we gain from our Patreon to run the website. Our hope is that in the future we’ll save enough money to pay our writers. So far we’ve been offering early access to our videos and podcasts on top of our Patreon exclusive podcast, “Chatter,” to our patrons but we’ve been a lacking on the writing side. Well not anymore! Starting in August we have three wonderful columns and a new podcast for our patrons. All these new additions will be available to different tiers on our Patreon in addition to early access and “Chatter.” Keep reading to find out more about the new additions to Much Ado About Cinema and click here to join our Patreon.

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Now Accepting Guest Pieces

Much Ado About Cinema is currently accepting pitches from guest writers. If you’d like to write for us, now is your chance.

Before you email your pitch to Much Ado’s editors, make sure you read and confirm that it adheres to the following guidelines.

  1. Introduce yourself! You do not have to share any personal information that you’re uncomfortable with, but please tell us your name, age, preferred pronouns, and country/area you’re writing from. What writing experience do you have? Are you a student or a professional? Keep in mind that we don’t publish anyone under the age of 18. We publish writers from all around the world and don’t have any restrictions regarding where you reside.
  2. Tell us your pitch. In one to two paragraphs, please explain what it is you want to write and what your angle is. This should not be as simple as a single subject, e.g. “I want to write about Lady Bird.” Be as specific as you can in terms of scope, length, and themes/ideas explored and we’ll be more likely to vibe with your pitch. Your final article/essay can be anywhere from 500 to about 5000 words.
  3. Please be familiar with the writing that Much Ado publishes. We aren’t very narrow in the type of work we like to publish, but we do have a general brand. If you propose an essay or review about something totally outside our wheelhouse, we likely won’t publish it. We also won’t publish something that is almost identical to something we’ve already done (e.g. don’t ask to review a movie we already reviewed at a festival). Search through our site if you’re not sure whether your pitch is new. If you think you have a new take on something we’ve already covered extensively, let us know!
  4. Show us some writing you’ve already done. This can be work published elsewhere online, or personal writing samples you have. They can be academic, professional, or purely creative in nature, whatever you think shows us you can write well and know and film and TV! Include as a link or attachment. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be published before, we just want to see your writing style.
  5. Understand that, at the moment, Much Ado is not capable of paying writers for their work.We do not turn a profit. We currently have a Patreon and Redbubble shop, and all money raised from those locations goes towards site maintenance, helping our regular writers get to festivals, and charity. We’re just over one year old and mostly run by students and young, working class professionals. We’d like to monetize the site eventually, at which point we’d find a way to pay editors and writers!
  6. Email all of this to Make sure to title your e-mail “Guest Pitch”. We’ll then contact you within 5-7 business days. Thank you!

Send your pitches by January 1st. We will not respond to any inquiries sent after that date.


Dilara Elbir, Editor-In-Chief.

Much Ado Print Issue: Open For Pitches

Last month, Much Ado About Cinema celebrated its first anniversary—and what could be more fitting to celebrate one year than announcing our first print issue!

The theme for our first print issue is Universality, whatever that means to you. Here at Much Ado, we pride ourselves on sharing the voices of writers from all over the world – we want to dig deeper into what it is about film & television that unites, divides, and transcends specific audiences. What does American, Mexican, or Japanese cinema assume to be universal? What criticism do you have of your favorite film’s universal assumptions? How do sexuality, race, and class inform how we interpret universal themes? These questions aren’t restrictive, but are just meant to act as inspiration for the creative pitches we hope to receive! At the end of the day, the theme is entirely up to interpretation.

In the issue we’ll publish pieces from our staff writers and accept pieces from you. You can pitch between now and October 10th by following the instructions below.

Your pitches should be very detailed. We expect you to have a very clear idea about what you want to write, concept, style, approx. length of your piece and how it’ll relate to the theme. You can pitch personal or academic essays, features, criticism and analysis. If you have a pitch that does not fit into any of these categories but fits the theme, go ahead and submit it. While we don’t have a word count limit, we prefer pieces that are between 1500-3000. Our editors may contact you to ask you further questions about your pitch and we’ll expect you to reply by October 29th the latest.

Before you pitch, you should keep in mind that if your pitch is accepted, there’ll be rigorous editing process. We expect you to be in contact with our editors throughout the writing process during which we will ask you to submit drafts. You should be punctual with your submissions. We expect you to be open to criticism and discussions regarding your piece. It’ll be a long process but at the end, you’ll have a well thought, developed and polished piece published.

Payment will be 15$ per piece, to be paid after you successfully submit your final draft.

If you are interested, mail your pitch with a bio attached with the subject “Print Issue Pitch” to by October 10th. Make sure your bio is detailed as well, Much Ado is a community and we care about how you see and define yourself. You must be at least 18 years old. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Much Ado Is Looking for New Writers!

Much Ado About Cinema is now looking for new regular writers! As a Much Ado writer your responsibility is to publish at least once a month. This could be through group pieces or an individual piece. We are very open with the subjects on which we write. We publish features, reviews, and essays concerning all aspects of cinema, written by a young and diverse group of contributors. The work we publish here ranges from graduate-level analysis, to casual commentary on mainstream television, to festival coverage of the latest films. In our work, we emphasise diversity and inclusivity, and we wish to cast new impressions on the traditionally white, male and heterosexual world of film criticism.

We pride ourselves in being a community amongst everything else. All our writers and editors are friends who communicate daily. Being a Much Ado writer won’t just give you an opportunity to publish and attend festivals but also have a community where you can engage in conversations and discussions about cinema.

We especially encourage writers of colour and members of LGBTQ community to apply. We’d like to remind you that all positions at Much Ado are unpaid (meaning no one on our team earns any money from the website) and we don’t accept any applicants who are younger than 18. You can be from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection. Applications will close on the 22nd of July. Good luck!

Click here to go to the application form.

Much Ado About Cinema is looking for new writers!

As many of you will know, Much Ado has grown exponentially over the past couple of months, and we’re now seeking to make our output even greater and more diverse than ever before! To do this, we need more people on board – and that’s where you guys come in.

We are now opening applications to join our team of regular writers. Ultimately, we’re looking for people who are dedicated to the same goals as we are, people who truly adore all types of cinema, and people who will thrive in a close-knit, supportive group. You do not need to have a wealth of experience – though it’s great if you do – nor do you need a million qualifications. To join us, we only ask for dedication, raw talent, and a fairly stable internet connection.

In return, we can offer the chance to get your work out there to a rapidly expanding audience. We can also provide feedback from a group of experienced writers, and the opportunity to work within a team that cares about nurturing your skills as a journalist. The Much Ado team doesn’t really have a hierarchy – at the end of the day, we’re just a group of film nerds that help each other out. I’m proud to say that we’re a friendly bunch, and I hope that our future new team members will agree with this judgement!

We especially encourage people of colour, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, working class people, disabled people, ethnic minorities, and any other such oppressed group to apply. Though all applications will be considered on their own merit, we are particularly invested in providing a space for those voices that may be overlooked due to industry prejudice.

The application form can be found here. If you have any issues filling out the form, please contact Applications will close on the 23rd February. Please note that this is an unpaid role – though we would love to pay our writers, the site is not monetised.

Good luck, and thank you so much for reading Much Ado!



Much Ado About Cinema: A New Blog


This is Much Ado About Cinema, a new blog created by Megan Christopher and Dilara Elbir. We plan to write and publish articles, essays and features revolving around various aspects of cinema, including both film and television. In addition, we plan to welcome guest writers in the future, cover various film festivals, and hopefully build up a contributory space for fans of cinema.

The work we publish and welcome here will range from formal graduate-level analysis, to reviews on the latest films, to casual commentary on the industry – we plan to be accessible to as many people as possible, and we welcome any feedback on this. If there’s something you wish to see written about, please let us know! We’re always open to ideas. You can tweet us at @muchadocinema, or email us at