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Megan Christopher

Megan is from the UK. Besides cinema, she really likes cats, literature and travelling. Her particular filmic interest lies in portrayals of the LGBTQ+ community, mental health and women in general. She is a graduate in English Literature and American Studies.

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Dilara Elbir

Dilara is from Turkey. She writes short stories, poems and screenplays and is a graduate of American Studies. Her interests are theories and practices of film, theatre, philosophy, literature and photography. She will start her masters in Creative Writing at University of Washington in the fall.

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Iana Murray

Iana is from the UK. She is an undergraduate in Journalism Studies and a contributor for The Skinny. Her favourite movies are ones about love that make her cry. She is currently learning to skateboard because Barry Jenkins made her.

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Sara Clements

Sara is from Canada. She’s a journalism major, and has previously worked as a film writer and editor for a student-lead publication at her university. She loves film of all genres and narrative, but if she’s going to force her friends to watch anything, it’s probably black and white. She hopes to make arts and culture journalism a lifelong career, but if all else fails, she’ll settle for Eva Green’s chauffeur.

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Kareem Baholzer

Kareem is from Germany. His taste in cinema has a broad range, but he is especially interested in challenging and complex portrayals of minorities and foreign cultures. His passionate interests besides (but not necessarily disconnected from) film are sociology and political activism. He also writes screenplays, listens to a lot of music and currently is trying to get into film school.

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Hannah Ryan

Hannah is from the U.K. She is an undergraduate in English Literature and History and fell in love with cinema at a young age, and enjoys writing about both the LGBTQ+ narrative in film and the development of independent movies. She is deeply passionate about the use of music in film and loves dissecting cinematic soundtracks.

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Sydney Bembry

Sydney is from Northern California. She is living her dream as a first-year film student in Queens, New York and enjoys annoying her peers with hours-long rants about the latest film she is obsessed with. Her favorite season is awards season, and she is particularly interested in more realistic films.

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Tyler “Llewyn” Taing

Llewyn is from Southern California. Hopes to transfer from community college and pursue a bachelors in film production. He has a broad taste in cinema, but he especially enjoys obsessing over subversive genre films and seeing them more times in theaters than a normal human being would enjoy. He is also Steven Spielberg’s long lost son (self-proclaimed).

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Cassidy Olsen

Cassidy is from New Jersey. She’s a recent graduate of English and Film Studies from Tufts University and is currently working in Boston as a cooking and lifestyle writer. She once wrote a short screenplay about Elon Musk, and it was very bad.

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Mary Beth McAndrews

Mary Beth is from Washington, D.C. During the day she works for a media company, and at night she’s usually watching some matter of horror media. She’s particularly interested in gender representation in horror films and anime. She is a graduate in English and Film Studies.

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Sharmane Tan

Sharmane is from Singapore. Her interests are in films that treat women like actual people and Florence Welch’s entire existence. She is currently an undergraduate in English Literature, hoping to take part in organizing film festivals in the future.

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Mia Vicino

Mia Vicino is from Portland, Oregon. She holds two bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Cinema Studies, currently works as an intern for the Arts & Culture desk of Willamette Week, and is the eldest of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s adopted children. Her favorite movies are those that feature women exacting bloody revenge, and Hot Rod (2007).

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