‘Insecure’ Recap: Ready-Like

Last week, Lawrence surprisingly returned, hopefully putting the Lawrence hive to rest, and this episode picks up by updating viewers on what he’s been doing since we saw him last. And he’s been doing a lot. He’s exceeding expectations at work. He has his own place and his couch has been plenty useful as he’s engaged in frequent casual sex with numerous women. To top it off, he finds out he has chlamydia! Of course, he now must make multiple calls warning his past sexual partners (very Lovesick-esque) and is met with unpleasant responses. His recent health history obviously isn’t great, but, other than that, he’s doing pretty great post-Issa – as he should be. The former lovers’ reunion at Tiffany’s baby shower is perfect because they acknowledge and praise how much they each have grown without opening any romantic doors. I hope we don’t see anymore Lawrence storylines simply because his time in the story has passed, but it’s nice to see he’s doing okay.


Issa, on the other hand, has it rough this week. In her attempts to kick off her post-We Got Y’all project, she is met with countless obstacles as she realizes all of the detail that goes into planning a block party. Nathan softens the blow by telling Issa how he really feels about her, making Issa and viewers fall for him even harder – but not for long.  After Issa receives a call from Lyft about an investigation taking place on physical events that happened during one of her rides – the night she met Nathan – her new beau is M.I.A. She tries not to read too much into it until she receives another call from the car service saying the investigation has been completed. He scammed her! She’d finally moved on from Lawrence and Daniel with a guy that seemed perfect on paper to essentially get punk’d.

Unfortunately, one of Molly’s exes makes a return at Tiffany’s baby shower as well – Dro. She’s certainly not eager to see him, but she acts as the bigger person and decides to greet him warmly. Since Dro is garbage, he decides to be petty and questions whether her boundaries will allow him to speak to her, only solidifying Molly’s decision to separate herself from this man and his lack of needed boundaries. Dro’s wife’s awkward reappearance and pregnancy announcement nicely puts the nail in that arrangement’s coffin. This is all after Molly decides against going out with Andrew, the guy who made sure she didn’t pass out or lose her jacket in her highly intoxicated state at Coachella. Issa points out that it might be because he’s Asian and that she should get over her idea of the perfect man for her. Molly finally agrees to go on a date with him and let go a bit. If she doesn’t stay so stuck on this idea of the man she “must” have, who she’s never met before, she might just find want she’s been looking for all along.

Once again, Tiffany gets her chance to shine as the episode revolves around her baby shower. The issue of their friendships changing with the new addition is a central topic as the three other girls learn that Tiffany had a different group of friends plan her shower. This especially hurts Kelli as she slowly feels her best friend leave her behind as she prepares for this next chapter in her life. It’s been a great step for the series to tackle this aspect of friendship, but I do hope the four girlfriends find their rhythm again. There’s a real possibility, however, that it may not happen.

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