‘Insecure’ Recap: High-Like

It’s the episode viewers have all been waiting for: the girl group is back and ready to conquer Coachella together. In preparation, Issa completes a few Lyft rides, which mostly go smoothly, runs a few errands for Molly and officially disappears from her responsibilities as a property manager. This weekend is supposed to be Issa’s big chance to forget about her real-life problems and to absorb the glory of Beyonce in the festival reality. But after quitting her full-time job at We Got Y’all and not hearing from party Lyft Nathan since their “eating tacos and kissin’ on the lips” impromptu date last week, Coachella might not be enough of a distraction.


Molly, on the other hand, isn’t ready to let go of her work-life, even for Beyonce. Despite teaming up with the office hotshot in attempts to be a star, she still feels undermined. When her colleague offers himself up to complete an important task, Molly insists she can do it, despite having told Issa she will leave work at home for this music festival weekend. Of course, Issa is less than pleased to find out her best friend will not be joining the ladies on their road trip to the desert and thankfully convinces her friend to crank out the work she needs to do and get herself to their Airbnb. Molly arrives to find Issa, Kelli, and the very pregnant Tiffany passed out around the house. Yay, Coachella!

The next day the girlfriends kick their festival shenanigans into high gear. To Issa’s surprise, she gets a text from Nathan to come to a pool party, making for the group’s first stop of their weekend festivities. When they meet up with Nathan and his friends, they quickly participate in the one activity to be expected of anyone partying in the dead-hot desert: taking MDMA and eating edibles. Any attempts to play coy with Nathan fail as he clearly sees that Issa has never done “molly” before and promptly melts into his arms. The main event is seeing Queen Bey herself, and Tiffany will stop at nothing to make sure they have a good spot on the field to see the performance. Unfortunately for Tiffany, and fortunately for viewers, she’s surrounded by highly inebriated Molly and Kelli, who can barely focus on standing let alone saving their spot. In perfect Kelli madness, she starts a fight with fellow festival goers and they must say goodbye to their dreams of seeing Beychella. While her friends are getting kicked out of the festival, Issa is off having sexy time with Nathan in the giant Ferris wheel. If you didn’t like Issa’s new love interest before, you’re sure to fall for him after this episode.

This week’s most real moment comes from an unexpected character – Tiffany. Her friends see their festival celebrations as their last big hoo-ra as a group before she becomes the boring mom, but she doesn’t want it to be their finale. Tiffany and Issa’s car scene at the gas station is a key example of the difficult moments when friends realize that everything is going to change with their next chapter in life, whether this change is wanted or not. But, understandably, the most notable part of the episode is the closing scene when Issa’s ex Lawrence makes his big return inside the gas station, shocking Issa and the audience alike. It’s nice to see Lawrence, but I really hope his reappearance doesn’t distract from Issa’s budding romance with Nathan.

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