‘Insecure’ Recap: Fresh-Like

This week, Issa moves into her new place, leaving Daniel behind in his apartment. Of course, it’s crazy that she stayed there for so long, but at least she came to make the right decision on her own rather than be thrown out. And what better way to consummate a new journey in a new apartment than a few housewarming gifts from your best friend. Though, the property manager job that’s attached to her place is sure to provide more laughter for viewers. Back at We Got Y’all, Freida gets their boss to let Issa go back into the field. Issa may have been happy in the field before, but this news doesn’t offer her dissatisfaction any resolution.


While getting her barbecue salmon taco on her lunch break, she runs into a character we had to have expected to see again: Nathan from the party Lyft. His sudden appearance, unfortunately, causes Issa to drop her scrumptious taco, only giving them reason to kill time waiting the 3 hours for a new order. They walk around his new city and get to know each other. We’ve seen this a billion times before. Boy and girl meet, don’t see each other for a while and then randomly run into each other again. But it’s refreshing for this series because Issa’s romantic life has been all about Lawrence and Daniel – two men who might not have ever been right for her. With Nathan, while undefined, it’s new and fun. She’s actually able to get to know this guy without any sort of significant history. No grudges, nothing unsaid – just two people exploring a connection. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s charming as hell. Even if unexpected, spending the day with Nathan convinces Issa to throw out the old things she no longer needs and search for better – including her job at We Got Y’all.

The major difference between Issa and Molly’s issues throughout the series is that Molly’s mainly lied in her romantic endeavors. This season, however, she makes misstep after misstep at her new job as well. After a rough start in last week’s episode, she takes a step back and attempts to form bonds with some of her female colleagues, specifically over a cocky male colleague. She takes the right steps to get in the door, especially in offering help in a case she is familiar with, but she expresses her need to be a star at her new firm to her therapist. The therapist points out that that is exactly the reason why she left her last firm, but that doesn’t change what Molly wants. So, instead of continuing to build the bonds she’s made with two of her female co-workers and work with them on a good case, she decides to help the hotshot lawyer. We’ll see what will happen in the coming episodes, but I won’t be surprised if she comes to regret her decision to leave her new work pals in the dust.

Next week, we will go to Coachella with our favorite girlfriends and watching Kelli eat an edible is sure to exceed all expectations of an outrageously entertaining episode.

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