‘Insecure’ Recap: Backwards-Like

If Issa and Daniel’s romantic status was unclear in last week’s episode, it’s even more messy this week. Now sleeping in the same bed, the boundaries are expectedly blurred and even has Issa consider staying at Daniel’s longer. Thankfully, this doesn’t stop her from working to get out on her own. Issa finally gets the opportunity to work outside of the office at a local job fair. Instead of being enthusiastic about the potential applicants, Issa finds more intrigue in a different non-profit organization, The Beat Crew. We’ve seen Issa with We Got Y’all for two full seasons now, and the first time she’s seen to be truly inspired is when watching a rivaling organization. To make the issue more clear, she doesn’t express any particular interest in her company to a hopeful candidate. She’s stuck but her financial situation makes the risk of quitting her job of 5 years to possibly find another position she loves too great. On the bright side, Issa is offered a property manager position at an apartment complex, giving her the option to leave on her own.


Daniel revealed his insecurity about his career in last week’s episode, and this week he shows his foolishness. After a strange interaction at the nightclub in the previous episode, Daniel collaborates with Khalil on a mix for Spyder. Khalil gives thoughtful notes, understanding what Spyder likes, but Daniel turns his nose up at its simplicity. Only making matters worse, Daniel plays his version of the mix for the rapper first, to his collaborators surprise. He might have thought making a smart, if dirty, move but only gets played when Khalil plays a new beat that Spyder clearly prefers. Daniel may be talented but the reason for his career stagnation stands out – no one wants to work with someone who can’t take criticism. Issa even tries to talk some sense into him, but, rather than listen to useful advice, he dismisses her thoughts because he’s always supposed to save her. This cuts deep, for Issa and the audience alike, and exposes the major problem between them. If Daniel really sees Issa has a damsel in distress, then her decision to leave is only more justified.

In Molly news, she starts her new job at the all-black firm to a rocky start. Each time she’s introduced to a firm procedure she dislikes, she has to explain why they did things different at her old firm when no one asked. She openly expresses her disapproval too, instantly creating a bad reputation for herself amongst her peers. When she discusses her frustrations with her friends, Issa points out that she’s might be being too hard on her new workplace because they are an all-black firm. Even if she doesn’t believe that’s the reason, the way Molly turns her nose up at the way firm is structured makes it appear that way. Much like Daniel, she is exposed for her foolishness when her colleagues make a joke of her new catchphrase: “at my old firm.” If Molly is going to survive at her new job, she has to drop the uptight attitude.

This episode may have come with some drama, of course, but we finally get the whole girl gang together again! Let’s hope we aren’t the Tiffanys of our friend groups.

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