‘Insecure’ Recap: Familiar-Like

This week, we’re back to see how the doomed situation between Issa and Daniel is underway. Issa has definitely overstayed her welcome, mostly after multiple awkward conversations in the season premiere. She does her best to keep in touch with her former flame, but that proves to be difficult since he avoids coming home. He even goes as far as claiming that his “girlfriend” Vanessa doesn’t like Issa around all the time. Instead of communicating with each other about what they want and need, they constantly walk on eggshells around one another.


In the first two seasons, Daniel is seen as Issa’s knight-in-shining-armor and we’re finally shown more of who he is this time around. He comes off as this suave, confident dude but he reveals his insecure side: His career. Despite being good at his producer occupation, he struggles to build solid connections with others in the music industry. Issa and Daniel may be a mess at home, but she pushes him to take chances to meet collaborators while at a nightclub. When they return to his apartment after a violent end to their night, they are both charged from their adventure and the lines of their relationship begin to blur. Nothing happens beyond a back rub, but no one watching will be surprised if more happens in the next episode. If Issa wasn’t leaving with him, they would totally be couple goals, but she’s making any type of romantic or sexual relationship messy as hell.

In other news, Issa still struggles to get back in her boss’s good graces at work. The staff has a meeting to discuss ways to better serve their minority demographic. And, of course, the rest of the staff calls on Issa, as the sole black person in the room, to decide what’s best for the black and brown students they cater to. As many minorities must feel when they’re the only person of color in a professional setting, Issa doesn’t want to, and shouldn’t have to, speak for all black people and is irritated, yet contained, by the situation. She even suggests to her boss that they diversify the staff, a smart and sensical idea, but is only written off once again. Issa has probably outgrown her job, but she has to stay put if she wants her own place. Here’s hoping the interview opportunity she receives at the end of the episode pans out!

The moment all fans were anticipating finally arrives: The fabulous Natasha Rothwell’s return as Kelli! As Issa’s financial advisor, she’s quite capable of shamelessly telling her that her credit score is garbage. But, she’s also able to tell Issa, as her friend, that her credit is garbage in the frankest and hilarious way possible. Like any friend, she teases her about her shocking arrangement with Daniel with such quick wit it almost feels like she’s attacking your own poor decisions. It was great to see Rothwell back on screen. Let’s get excited to see the whole girl gang back together in the next episode.


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