‘Insecure’ Recap: Better-Like

Issa Rae’s hit show, Insecure, is back and we finally get to see what Issa and Molly have been up to. In season two’s finale, we found Issa moving in with ex-boyfriend Daniel after losing her apartment. The beginning of this season’s premiere confirms the awkward situation living with Daniel creates, as we see him having excessively loud sex with someone who’s not Issa. Issa’s sheer disbelief while listening on the couch is so real I had the same loss for words expression while watching. The awkwardness between Issa and Daniel doesn’t stop there. Daniel is so clearly being petty when expressing that he “didn’t know” Issa was home when he had a visitor. In his defense, Issa’s wishy-washiness over her feelings for him would irritate anyone, especially if he’s allowing her to stay at his home. But, he also could’ve told her she couldn’t move in, for both of their sake.


Issa’s living arrangements aren’t the only disappointing aspect of her life at the moment. After being demoted in season two, she is still working in the office making phone calls, yearning to be back in the field. She does something really smart and calls the schools who will no longer be using “We Got Y’all’s” services, despite those names being crossed out on her paper. It seems like common sense – they should call those schools to know how they can make improvements to the program. On top of no longer enjoying her job, she also has to encounter annoying passengers in being a Lyft driver. We last saw Issa’s life coming apart at the end of season two and it’s not getting much better in the third season’s premiere. The difference is Issa. She may not be content at work or have a place to call her own, but she’s actively trying to do better for herself.

When we last saw Molly, she was still with her openly married boyfriend, or whatever he is, Dro. This week, she’s returning from LA from a luxurious Caribbean vacation.  Not only has she just had the best vacation ever but she also is getting ready to negotiate her terms and benefits at her new job. As any best friend is required to do, she teases Issa about being a Lyft driver when she picks her up. The best part of the show, by far, is seeing Molly and Issa interact with each other and we get a need dose of this amazing friendship when they catch up over breakfast. She’s insistent on saying she will put Dro in his place about their relationship situation, without Issa fully believing her friend. Molly does set some boundaries the first time she sees Dro, particularly after he answers his wife’s call while they are in bed; however, Dro isn’t taking these necessary boundaries seriously. Until, he just lets himself in with the key she gave him and Molly asks for the key back. He then decides to get all high and mighty by telling Molly not to say anything about what he does with his wife. Molly has had a lot of growing to do, in terms of romantic relationships, and her finally demanding boundaries with the married Dro shows the work as paid off.

That Party Lyft scene is possibly the best scene of television this year. First off, I, like any reasonable person, prefer my Lyft rides to be silent, but a complimentary CapriSun might make me say something besides hello. The first young women they pick up, on their way to the club, are almost like if we saw Issa and Molly in their 20s. The next two passengers, both men, create a Lyft driver and rider’s worst nightmare when they start physically fighting in the backseats. Issa probably won’t be a Lyft driver for much longer but hopefully, we see the cute passenger who left her a $50 tip again.

The soundtrack, once again, offers an outstanding selection that feels like an integral part of the story but also introduces some viewers to artists they may not be familiar with. KEV’YN, the fictional series within the series, is shaping to become a highlight of the season with the addition of actors from classic black series from the 90s. The first two seasons of Insecure were phenomenal and it looks like season three will be just as great.


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