Female Film Writers to Watch

In the current climate, there’s been a major push for more women, especially women of color, in front of and behind the camera. The conversations about more women in film often leaves out women in film criticism or commentary, so what better way to round out Women’s History Month by recommending a few female film writers who happen to be some of my favorite writers.

Alanna Bennett, Buzzfeed News Entertainment Reporter

Bennett’s portfolio is one that covers different aspects of entertainment, particularly in television and film, but social awareness is a recurring theme in most of her published writing. With that, she can still write about the fun, sometimes cheesy, about things we all love to love, Busy Phillipps and Michelle William’s friendship or Chris Evan’s dog. If you like thoughtful entertainment observations and fun, cushy articles, Bennet’s the writer for you.

Recommendation: Bennet’s Amber Tamblyn article

Monica Castillo, The Lily News Writer

In her time contributing to the Watching section of the New York Times, Castillo gave some stellar film and television recommendations. Besides providing movie-lovers with more items to add to the watchlist and detailed reviews, Castillo insightfully addresses problems with Latino and immigrant representation in Hollywood. She now serves as a news writer for The Lily, the female-run newspaper with the Washington Post.

Recommendation: Castillo’s Real Women Have Curves article

Kate Erbland, IndieWire Film Editor

Erbland’s reviews are great reads as she precisely pinpoints why a film works or doesn’t work. The IndieWire editor particularly shines through in the weekly GirlTalk section that is dedicated to cover women in film. She offers a needed balance of articles that celebrate women in film and also covering how Hollywood desperately needs to revise the canon.

Recommendation: Erbland’s Bechdel Test article

Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair Senior Hollywood Writer

I’m not great with keeping up with the hottest TV shows but Robinson’s American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace coverage inticed me to give the show a chance. Robinson covers an array of topics in film and television but her witty and engaging style can be found in all her writing. It’s often evident in her articles that she’s just as excited about the topic she’s writing about as the people potentially reading about it.

Recommendation: Robinson’s Letitia Wright article

Hunter Harris, Vulture Associate Editor

Harris is one of the most exciting voices in film writing because her distinctly humorous tone is so different from most film commentary. She might have popped up on everyone’s Twitter timeline with her Lady Bird coverage but pieces on Ben Affleck’s tattoo or Oprah’s Legally Blonde stan encounter are just as entertaining. If you need a break from the sometimes overly-serious film commentary, Harris is the writer for you.

Recommendation: (I don’t know if this can be included in film writing, but I love it) Harris’ Beyonce investigation article

These women might be a few writers that I enjoy but there are so many other female critics that should be acknowledged and more work to be done in film criticism, in general.

Through my eyes,


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