Pottersville: The Worst Christmas Film of This Decade

PottersvilleJust when you thought Christmas movies couldn’t get worse than Christmas with the Kranks, here comes this film to take the title of “most mean spirited Christmas movie ever made.”

There’s bad movies, then there’s bad Christmas movies, and then there’s Pottersville, a movie so full of bad decisions that you’d think you were watching a live adaptation of Brendan Frasier’s acting career. For a film with such a huge and popular cast, it feels very cheap and sloppily thrown together. This so called “Christmas Film” really has nothing to do with Christmas or the Christmas spirit until the end of the film when they try to sloppily throw together a message about loving and appreciating one another. Everything about this film is just wrong, from the writing, to the acting, to the portrayal of furries, which I will definitely get to, to the strange and off-putting look of the film.

In case you haven’t heard of this monstrosity, Pottersville is a film about a man, very lazily played by Michael Shannon, who in response to his wife’s infidelity, decided to dress up as Bigfoot and run around his local town of Pottersville in a drunken rage. In response to this, everyone in the town believes they actually saw Bigfoot, because in the universe of Pottersville, everyone is too stupid to distinguish the difference between a rubber mask and fucking Bigfoot! In response to all of these Bigfoot sightings, the town of Pottersville begins attracting a lot of attention, and chaos ensues. Sounds AMAZING, right? Well, if this didn’t look like an ABC Family original series from 2006, maybe it could’ve been interesting. But instead, what we get is a contrived and awful mess of badly timed humor, wooden performances, and an all around terrible film.

Michael Shannon and Judy Greer act like they’re on a heavy dose of sleeping pills, Christina Hendricks is essentially playing Jessica Rabbit, and Ron Perlman and Ian McShane try their hardest to make their characters likable and funny, but unfortunately don’t succeed. However, all of these performances are heavily outshined by that of Thomas Lennon, who portrays the most awful and ridiculous caricature of an Australian that I’ve ever seen. His character is so annoying that he alone was the reason I shut the movie off twice and had to take multiple breaks so I didn’t go insane. The film tries to satirize those phony Hunting Bigfoot style reality shows, but ends up just falling flat on its face because of how bad the jokes are.

But of course, I cannot forget the furries. This film uses the fact that Michael Shannon’s wife is a furry to make her seem like a bar person and a degenerate, which quite frankly I find pretty offensive and mean spirited. Furries are definitely not the most mainstream group in the United States, and there’s a lot that people make fun of about them, but they choose to live that way because it makes them happy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This film portrays furries as perverted weirdos who just run around and try to sleep with each other, and it’s a pretty offensive and ignorant portrayal if I do say so myself. Just because people choose to live their lives a different way than you do doesn’t mean you have any right to mock them and make fun of their lifestyle because you don’t understand it, and Pottersville does this in the grossest way possible.

And on top of all of this, it tries, and fails horribly at being a Christmas film. It tries to have all of these great morals at the end about loving and appreciating those around you, but it falls so flat because the rest of the film is so mean spirited and hateful that it just tarnishes any of its desired effect.

If you’re morbidly curious, this film is on Netflix, but I would stay FAR FAR FAR AWAY from this. Its one of the worst Christmas films ever made.

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